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    Left of the Dial Playlist on YouTube

    I’ll let u know. Welcome.
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    GIVEAWAY Cannabis seeds by Masonic seed co

    Welcome Taz . OK then. Tick Tock. Winner announced of Masonic smoker cannabis seeds soon. Ok then! I think I might have to give away a joint a day for the next 28 days! 1 oz to be gifted per month. Allowed by Massachusetts law. I will gift a 1/4 oz each week for 4 weeks in July. To a random...
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    Masonic Smoker Cannabis seed SALE ! Hurry

    Masonic smoker cannabis seeds . Going quick ! Tap in.
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    Hashtag Hash company. Craft hash , swag & clothing.

    Sorry nothing for sale! Private & personal stash! maybe someday! welcome aboard!
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    GIVEAWAY Cannabis seeds by Masonic seed co

    Register & post once for a shot ! register & post more than once ....increase your chances!! Post a link to on your social media for more chances too. so post & link for better chance. 1 week left!
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    Useful Seeds Show, Grow & Tell Cannabis breeder.

    Topped it. Another 1st for me.
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    The Young Jurks PODCAST discussing Massachusetts cannabis conspiracies

    Listen to the Young Jurks Discussing Massachusetts corporate cannabis conspiracies on TuneIn Radio
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    GIVEAWAY Cannabis seeds by Masonic seed co

    One week left to register & post for your shot at a pack of Masonic Seed co. Bird seeds.
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    Useful Seeds Show, Grow & Tell Cannabis breeder.

    My 1st real cannabis grow. My black lime special reserve cannabis strain by Useful seed co.
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    New England Cannabis breeders & marijuana seeds! Who knew...

    Dirty Water Organics a Massachusetts cannabis breeder.
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    Dirty Water Organics SHOW & TELL !

    Anybody growing Dirty Water?
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    Banned at Bostontrees.

    They banned me because I DM’ed them numerous times over the last few months to inquire as to how to advertise on their forum To no avail. So I posted & DM’ed them again today. Only to get banned for 90 days. If they had done their job..... I wouldn’t have been banned. How about answering my...
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    HEADS UP! ALL Cannabis seed Flash Sales, steals and seed deals.

    Last 15 packs of PuTang by Mass Medical Strains is on the block at Wellgrown Seeds Mass Medical Strains at Wellgrown seeds seedbank. A Massachusetts seed bank.