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    Federal cannabis legalization is coming ... but when ?

    ‪Federal Marijuana Legalization Is A Lock – But How, When? via @forbes‬
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    Deep Roots craft cannabis OPENING SOON in Uxbridge.

    Met Mike the Prez. over coffee. Follow him on IG Nice guy. Local guy. It’s a family affair. It’s opening soon in Uxbridge. Can’t happen soon enough. Deep Roots goal is to produce quality craft cannabis products ... and promises...
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    Mass dispensaries by the numbers one year in. The cannabis industries future in Massachusetts.

    ‪ One Year Ago, The First Pot Shops Opened In Mass. Here's Where The Numbers Point For The Industry's Future‬
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    New England Cannabis breeders. Let’s give em a shout out!

    I’m a seed newbie. Amazed at how many breeders of the marijuana plant do their magic right here in our backyard. I’ll start listing a few that I am aware of shortly. Please add to the list here. Thx in advance Grow local beans!!!
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    FLASH SALE of HOT NE Breeder Mass Medical Strains.

    50% off select Mass Medical strains including Heavenly Sativa , Dandelion gum , Fisheye OG & Pupil Magoo. Some never to be available when gone. Get em while you can. At Made in Mass .... Let’s grow them in New...
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    Score PuTang at MassGrass Roots . Win Mass Medical Strains Putang seeds. New Years GIVEAWAY .

    Register & post once for 1 chance to be gifted these Mass Medical Strains Putang Seeds. A cannabis cup winner & a High Times Top 10 marijuana strain of 2019* . Get gifted a 6 pack of MMS PuTang feminized Seeds To be gifted away December 31st at midnight. Details w more chances to win coming...
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    Grassachusetts ganja license plate! #massgrass

    I had a double take ... LMFAO . ( you only had one job.). ps. I’m back in the saddle... apologies for MassGrass Roots being down/away for a bit. It won’t happen again. Fingers crossed 🤞
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    My fave dispensaries are ...

    1.LIBERTY 2. ACS 3. Looking for a deal dispensary. 10. NETA ( no phone, no go!)
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    Do yourself a favor if you grow or want to grow. Follow & listen to Mass Medical Strains.

    A very knowledgeable local guy. He loves to share. Mass Medical Strains . And his podcast here . Well worth a listen. Check out Mass Medical Strains on #SoundCloud How to grow Cannabis. Collect his cannabis seeds & strains here at Mass Medical Strains at Wellgrown Seeds
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    Hurry to Liberty & score some of their Emerald City cookies.

    Premium Mass dispensary weed! fwiw tests at 35% thc. Great looks, great taste & great medicate. 7 gram daily limit. call ahead 1st. 857.997.82zero7 tell em MassGrass Roots sent you. if you dont like it .... I will swap . (y)
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    LOOK Recent cannabis test results at MCR LABS

    Much more info at link below! Interesting info.
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    Get your Cannabis tested at MCR Labs marijuana testing in Ma.

    Get your marijuana tested for Cannabinoids & terpenes profile and more @ MCR Labs in Framingham. “Get woke on what you Smoke!” #marijuanatesting #cannabistesting
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    I’ll looking for some...

    Old school hash! & Some killah Blue Dream flower! Any tips ? What are you looking for ? Post in this thread or start your own! 👍
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    How often do you smoke pot ?

    I smoke cannabis ...
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    How do you smoke weed ?

    some know it all recently told me i smoke a joint all wrong. Do I ? Do you ? A cannabis poll..
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    Playboy article : Ensuring safe cannabis
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    Pink Floyd plays Moonhead for Apollo 11
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    Worlds largest marijuana dealer is from Massachusetts! Another championship!

    Grassachusetts home of the world champion cannabis dealer. 👍🎉 #righton #lighton Curaleaf . Based in Wakefield.
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    Black market cannabis still accounts for 76% of sales in Massachusetts? Mass marijuana revenue.

    This article says black market cannabis accounts for 76% of sales still. Communities glean green from #marijuana businesses #MassGrass #greenrush
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    Getting fired for off duty Cannabis use in Massachusetts.