Best Company's?

What are some of your favorite companies in the industry? For glass, grow equipment, papers/wraps, dispensaries, genetics
I love the Jungle Boys and cookies for flower. Mothership for glass, Raw for papers, and Nameless Genetics
Mars Hydroponic makes great grow lights and equipment, but they can get expensive. Vivosun is cheaper and built very well for the money


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I don’t do glass but I’m familiar w the art of mothership glass. Incredible work.

U can tell your a East coaster on the west coast! It all good.

I’m a fan of the west coast Masonic smoker genetics.

I grew Useful seed co. Black lime special reserve genetics & will pop em again. A local Mass breeder.

ACS in Bridgewater is my #1 Massachusetts cannabis dispensary.

After decades of SS Modiano club rolling papers I am a convert to Raw 1 1/4 classic rolling papers.