Hash vs BHO

Are we talking straight hash or are any of its varieties included? If hash rosin is an option then hash has my vote, however, if it’s strictly hash vs BHO, I’m going to be the outlier here and go with BHO 🤙🏻
Well for starters its made with butane, a harmful gas. All extractors will claim that they are able to purge it all out, but that's simply not the case. all you cave to do is light some BHO on fire and you'll see how flammable it is and how it starts.
Ahhhh, thank you for posting a credible source! I prefer facts over opinions. Also, something not covered in that article is the fact that you will still have waxes and lipids in your rosin as well. For example, if your hash tests at 65% total cannabinoids mg/g, what is the other 35% of the mass? The answer, waxes, lipids, esters, plant material, etc...
As a side note, no cannabis professional I’m aware of will ever claim to be able to purge 100% of any solvents out. However, the FDA says over 4000ppm could pose a health hazard because it displaces oxygen. In MA, the maximum allowable limit is 12ppm in any extract.