Micro dosing Pyschedelic Therapy . LSD , ECSTASY Mushrooms ...


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I’m lookin into it.
Are you thinking about it?
Have you tried it?

Any good sources of information?

Any therapists in Mass practice this?


Is pyschedelic therapy legal in Massachusetts?

tx in advance for sharing.

ps. I just ordered this.

Psychedelic Medicine: The Healing Powers of LSD, MDMA, Psilocybin, and Ayahua... https://www.amazon.com/dp/1620556979/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_awdb_imm_t1_x_1Te2Fb0RFT563 via @amazon
A friend of mine has alot of knowledge if you have more questions. Shes in your neck if the woods too.
I've been doing this for about 10yrs- but not daily YET! But I try to do it once a yr for 30days to reset myself: it changed my life 20220726_052756.jpg there are some simple teks out there... I did extensive reading I'll try to find some but as I remember there was quite a bit of research published and I'm sure there are more now... but it works! And I will eventually micro dose daily... and it's a good way to put the extra heat and humidity from the grow room to good use...



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Dude…. Tx so much for sharing.

Good luck on your quest for a better quality of life.

I’ll b microdosing for the 1st time soon.
NP... I wish I had my old research- I found a lot of research papers- but I'm sure there is a ton more now. I was also looking into it for my sister who's been suffering with migraine headaches for a very long time...I've been ordering from a place in Vegas, nice easy discreet and doesn't have to go through customs... I got a few strains then ran them on BRF cakes (quickest way to get fruits) to see which ones I wanted to do in tubs... and just like my cannabis I used insect frass in my recipe... it really did change my life... I'm a big advocate- I hope you get everything I did out of it and more