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I went to my first dispensary in Lee MA.
On my way to VT.
I saw that Canna Provisions had Chem Dog and Chem 4, from the original cuts , grown by ChemDawg, himself.
I have never tried either one, that wasn't crossed with something else.
So glad I did!

I can't report on smell or taste, getting over covid and neither of those senses is up to par yet.
I can say , they both give a wonderful experience.

So, I pull up to the dispensary and it is quite busy,
after showing my ID, I am introduced to my very ,nice and knowledgeable guide.
He shows me around, gets my order placed on his tablet, makes sure I'm good and moves on.
They fill my order, I get sticker shock from the taxes! Pay , and get out before I start making more purchases. Lol

They run a very efficient shop and everyone was friendly.
I plan to stop there in the spring and see what clones they have available.
The whole experience was pleasant, except the cost, but I'm a little cheap, if you know what I mean.